Selling and providing service of air compressors

Compressed air is widely used in all areas of modern industry. Compressors are needed everywhere, from tire mounting to oil and gas industry.

«Ankom-trans» Ltd. suppies high-quality screw and turbo compressors from well-known European manufacturers. Screw compressors are robust machines that will save valuable time and money. Thanks to its high energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, they have gained a high level of popularity all over the world.

Areas of compressed air usage:
• Oil and gas extraction (filling of shale cavities, transportation of gas, oil)
• Wood processing (production of furniture, windows, doors, etc.)
• Pharmacy (drug production)
• Food industry (packaging, drying of glass containers)
• Work with metal (lathes, milling machines)
• Painting
• Service station and tire service
• Sandblast cleaning

Our company also offers other elements of compressed air systems:
• Filtration systems (filters, condensate descents, absorbers)
• Desiccants (mechanical and chemical effects)
• Systems for cooling and discharging contaminated air
• Equipment for rooms with compressors (air installations, ventilation)



Our experts will help you with the following issues:
• Identify technical needs and equipment selection
• Install and configure the compressor
• Conduct maintenance training for technical staff
• Develop an economical and efficient compressed air supply system
• Get qualified advice on all issues related to air injection systems

Qualified specialists will review and service existing systems, namely:
• Planned maintenance
• Repair of any level of complexity
• Restoration and renovation of outdated systems
• Installation of equipment